Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a process by which our specially trained technicians remove minor dings and dents in a car's exterior. This process returns the vehicle's exterior to a flawless state.


The techniques used by National Hail and Dent Removal include lighting, tooling,

and accessibility to the underside of the damaged area.


First, our technicians begin in the area

with the most obvious dent, starting

with a series of gradual pushes in different patterns, based on the size and shape

of the dent, in order to return the surface to its original, flawless state.


In order to complete the repair, our technicians select from a wide variety

of tools, which will give them access

to the underside of the damaged area.

Sometimes, there are areas in which there is no access to the underside. When this is the case, our technicians employ a process called "glue pulling".


Using this technique, we are able to work the damaged area from the top surface by pulling the dent using specialized heated glue and plastic tabs while depressing the surrounding area at the same time.


Repairs generally take 1-2 days. Our methods restore and maintain the car's exterior paint to it's original state. Once the repair is completed, it's like the dent was never there!

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